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Resolved Question: what is the best website to see all stocks progress and infos?

Best website to look how stocks are doing, for mobile and PC both. I'd like to look what stocks are doing, very well website, easy use, and also have news about every stocks. Thanks!

Open Question: The IT director opened the department staff meeting today,?

The IT director opened the department staff meeting today by saying, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that management approved the payroll system project this morning. The new system will reduce clerical time and errors, improve morale in the payroll department, and avoid possible fines and penalties for noncompliance. The bad news is that the system must be installed by the end of December in order to meet new federal reporting rules, costs must be within the budgeted amount, the new system must interact with existing systems, and the vice president of finance insists on approving the final design. a. Name the constraints, and indicate whether each is gift, future, internal, external, mandatory, or desirable. b. Explain why it is important to define the payroll project’s scope. Explain how to define project scope. c. Identify tangible and intangible benefits of the new payroll system. d. What topics should be included in a report to management at the end of the preliminary investigation?

Open Question: Annoying yahoo search bar blocking my ask bar on ipad?

It's annoying please fix it yahoo maintenance. I'm on an ipad. The mail news sports finance ect, blocks what I'm typing in ask bar

Resolved Question: How to go on Yahoo Answers?

I know this is a really stupid question, but... When I log into Yahoo, it brings me to Yahoo, automatically. At the corner it has options for me to change to MAIL, MYY!7 and YAHOO!7. These are every Yahoo, but how do I receive to YAHOO-ANSWERS? So far, I've had to type in au.answers.yahoo.com to receive to Answers. But I'd like to know how to go to Answers, without having to type in the address. If there's any shortcut or anything? Thank you :D (I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, or doesn't make any sense!)

Open Question: Are you concerned about political rivals accessing IRS records?

This is still being investigated, but it's an interesting story about Christine O'Donnell. Regardless of how you feel about her (I wouldn't have voted for her), that a government employee can look at your IRS records and create untrue ones is so easily is concerning to me. "News of the inspector general interview — which Grassley aides would not call an “investigation” — comes after The Washington Times reported Thursday that O’Donnell says a TIGTA official informed her in January that a Delaware state employee inappropriately accessed her tax information the day she announced her Senate run on March 9, 2010. That same day, the IRS put a tax lien in her name on a home she no longer owned, arguing that O’Donnell owed the government $12,000, according to Grassley’s office. O’Donnell told Grassley’s office that she provided the IRS with documents needed to clear her tax record “four or five times, and they kept getting ‘lost,’” the aide said. The IRS later said it had made a mistake, which the agency said was the result of a computer glitch, and removed the lien. The lien is significant because O’Donnell’s opponents cited it as evidence that she was financially irresponsible even though she espoused financial stability for the federal government. Her finances comprised much of the chatter surrounding her campaign, including the fact that she sold her home to a campaign staffer to cease a sheriff’s sale ordered to settle a mortgage claim and her university sued her for not paying tuition she owed years after she finished school. In January, O’Donnell alleges she received a phone call from a TIGTA investigator notifying her that her personal federal tax information might have been breached unlawfully by a Delaware state employee. The IG’s office interviewed O’Donnell, showing her the name and photo of the perpetrator, asking if she knew the person, according to Grassley’s office." Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/irs-watchdog-to-investigate-christine-donnell-claim-94514.html#ixzz2ZdEBFShZ

Open Question: Macro Economics Question?

1. Suppose that every additional five percentage points in the investment rate (I ÷ GDP) boost economic growth by one percentage point. Assume also that every investment must be financed with consumer saving. The economy is now assumed to be fully employed at GDP:$8 trillion Consumption:$6 trillion Saving:$1 trillion Investment:$1 trillion If the goal is to lift the economic growth rate by 1 percent, (a) By how much must investment increase? (b) By how much must consumption decline for this to occur? 2. "In the News: Stimulus: Spend or clip Taxes? Most Economists Agree That Both Are Needed. The Debate Comes When They Ask How to Split It. (2009) New York (Fortune)—As President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take office, the incoming administration and Congress continue to shape a massive stimulus package to help the struggling economy. . . . While the final breakdown of the package remains to be seen, much of the debate centers on the effectiveness of government spending versus tax cuts as means of reviving the economy. Currently the plan includes roughly $550 billion in spending and $275 billion in tax cuts. . . . Most economists support the emphasis on spending, saying government expenditure does more to boost gross domestic product, a key indicator of fiscal health. In other words, spending delivers more bang for the buck because each dollar paid to a worker building a wind turbine, for example, is then spent on groceries or clothing, causing a fiscal ripple effect. Conversely, a worker might keep a third of the money he is given in a tax clip, with some of the spending going toward imports, which would also reduce the stimulus to GDP. According to a January 6 study by Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Economy.com, GDP grows by $1.59 for every dollar spent on infrastructure, while the increase from a corporate tax clip is only $0.30. . . . Based on Zandi’s study, some of the most efficient ways to spend government money are temporarily increasing food stamps (a $1.73 GDP increase per dollar), extending unemployment benefits ($1.63), increasing infrastructure spending ($1.59), and upping direct aid to financially strapped states ($1.38). . . . Some research shows the positive effect of tax cuts on GDP gets short shrift. Christina Romer, who studied the subject while a professor at the University of California, Berkeley— and whom Obama chose as Chairwoman of his Council of Economic Advisers—says don’t underestimate them as an effective means of stimulating the economy." What MPC for tax cuts (non-corporate tax cuts) is assumed in the article?

Open Question: How to get a job in UAE?

i am from Pakistan. i am the student of BS(Hons) accounting and finance 7th semester and fresh having no job experience. i really need a job in uae. I tried gulf news and bayt posting my cvs and didn't receive any response. i also posted the c.v directly to the job offering people and got not a single response. is there any authentic way so that i can receive an office job in UAE. Also the company provide me the good salray,living,medical,food and other facilities.

Resolved Question: Should I trade my iPhone 5 for a Galaxy s4?

I'm just sleepy of the iPhone. I've had iPhones for about 4 years straight now, I haven't had an android since I had an htc hero, and I'm sure they have improved. I always just jailbreak my iPhones because I like to customize them. Do you think I should do this? Will I be losing money? Opinions please.

Open Question: do you think the movie Robocop predicted real-life Detroit?

"Once the very symbol of American industrial might, Detroit became the biggest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy... its finances ravaged and its neighbourhoods hollowed out by a long, slow decline... Homicide rate in the city of Detroit continued a grim upward trend ... hitting its highest peak in nearly two decades... Detroit's high crime rate is spurring 40 percent of the city's residents to plan to leave within the next five years, ... The Detroit Police Department has made national headlines as it combats a growing murder rate, pay cuts ..." The over was not taken from the movie. They're from actual news articles on the web. The plot of the movie was "In the close future, Detroit, Michigan is on the verge of collapse due to financial ruin and unchecked crime." Now check this out, Here's a picture of Kevyn Orr, the actual emergency manager for Detroit's bankruptcy: http://s.wsj.net/public/resources/images/NA-BX282_DETROI_G_20130717164009.jpg And here's a picture of the mayor of Detroit from the movie who dealt with the city's debt: http://images.wikia.com/robocop/images/7/78/MarvinKuzak.jpg Only a half-machine cyborg is missing!

Open Question: does Detroit's bankruptcy remind you of a certain movie?

"Once the very symbol of American industrial might, Detroit became the biggest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy... its finances ravaged and its neighbourhoods hollowed out by a long, slow decline..." "...Detroit, Michigan is on the verge of collapse due to financial ruin ..." One of these is from the news today, and the other is the plot of a film in the 80's. "homicide rate in the city of Detroit continued a grim upward trend ... hitting its highest peak in nearly two decades... Detroit's high crime rate is spurring 40 percent of the city's residents to plan to leave within the next five years, ... The Detroit Police Department has made national headlines as it combats a growing murder rate, pay cuts and most recently, ..." These are taken from the news, basically sounds like the movie too.

Open Question: Why is Yahoo Finance blaming unions and politicians for Detroit's bankruptcy?

If the residents of the city of Detroit want to blame any person or organization for its Chapter 9 filing, they only need to look as far as the unions that controlled labor there and the politicians who ran it over the past four decades. Detroit earned its bankruptcy the easy way -- through greed, the desire for political power and needy planning. Unions and Democrats have controlled this city since the 1950's. Is this what will happen to other cities that are union and democrat controlled? http://finance.yahoo.com/news/detroit-bankruptcy-possess-worst-foe-101005360.html

Resolved Question: Why in the WORLD are we even considering military action in Syria?

Liberals go nuts talking about Afghanistan and Iraq. So why in the world would they support military action in Syria? PLEASE tell me you guys are just as opposed to military action in Syria as you were with Iraq and Afghanistan?!!! "Obama: US will consider military action against Syria" http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=AoM8ilD1ztTFL6czCHiOwRabvZx4?p=obama+considers+military+action+in+syria&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-900 "The outgoing head of the British Army said the West would have to invade Syria if it wanted topple the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad." http://finance.yahoo.com/news/uk-army-chief-invading-syria-140036543.html

Open Question: And in other news... How are those government unions treating your finances, Detroit?

Path to Prosperity! Heh.

Open Question: And in other news... How are those government unions treating your finances, Detroit?

Resolved Question: What happened to France?

I haven't heard a peep from them in a while.

Voting Question: Chances at HBS or Stanford (MBA)?

School: UC Berkeley (Top 5 US News Engineering School, Public Ivy) Major: Chemical Engineering with minor in Finance GPA: 3.82/4.00 (Top 3% of graduating class) GMAT: 730/800 Extra-circular: President of two clubs, member of two other clubs, intramural sports Certifications: Bloomberg certified Work Experience: Two internships in pharmaceutical industry, one internship in investment banking. 3 years work experience at J.P Morgan healthcare investment banking Other schools I should be targeting?

Resolved Question: Have you seen the letter from the Swedish professor nominating Snowden?

http://ca.search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oGkmMLdeZRgjwAHXHrFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTB2Z2xqdm85BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA01TWUNBQzFfNzY-/SIG=13dkmvloh/EXP=1374086539/**http%3a//ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/heres-letter-swedish-professor-nominating-160546132.html People are so divided on this person, on what happened there. This professor believes Snowden really did an important thing for the world. ..

Voting Question: Some questions about the broker?

Hello everyone, I'm a 15 year old Romanian boy who has just finished the eighth grade, I am the best in my school, in fact I even got a scholarship. I am very interested to economics and finance and I also know what the leverage / operational I understand also the Modigliani-Miller theorem (which in a nutshell is the basis of the modern theory of capital structure). After I finished high school, I want to graduate in economics and finance and do a MBA to try to become a stock broker. But first I would like to know more news about this work (I already know enough things but I want to be sure I understand correctly). Could you tell me every the information (job, income, course of study, etc..) That you know?

Voting Question: Are people making such a big deal over this rollingstone cover because he looks so good on it?


Voting Question: Mexico hardest working country?

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/10-hardest-working-countries-155244568.html thoughts? Gold Cup Final Prediction?

Resolved Question: How can I get a ferrari 458 italia?

It's been my dream car for a while and every but do you have to pay every 275,000 up front or do you have to do lots of payments each month? And if I were to receive one how do I pick which color?

Resolved Question: If conservatives do not support redistribution of income, why do they support unlivable wages?

Companies like Wal-Mart and McDonalds essentially receive a huge subsidy from the taxpayer by way of food stamps, medicaid, housing assistance and negative income tax. Isn't that redistribution of income..to a companies bottom line? http://finance.yahoo.com/news/mcdonalds-literally-cannot-imagine-workers-153900487.html

Resolved Question: Can I use a co sponsor (MOTHER) for the financial requirements when applying for a UK unmarried partner visa?

Please help. My girlfriend and I are a young couple and have been together for 2 and a half years. We have been back to the uk twice together for visits the past few years. My girlfriend and I meet the requirements for a unmarried partner visa for the UK. BUT we are worried about the new financial requirements of £18600. I'm not living in the uk as I am with my girlfriend. I do not meet the financial requirements myself but my family is well off and can sponsor us. Can I use my families finances to pass the requirements if they sponsor my girlfriend and use bank statements as evidence? Please help us with any advise as we really want to go home and very worried.

Resolved Question: What does this professor say about Snowden?

I should put here that I'm more inclined to agree with this than disagree, but understand some of the strong stances people feel in this. We every have our views, and thus here is an interesting one, I found anyway: http://ca.search.yahoo.com/r/_ylt=A0oGkmTB4.RRjQ4AtiHrFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTB2Z2xqdm85BHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA3NrMQR2dGlkA01TWUNBQzFfNzY-/SIG=13dnp2mks/EXP=1373983809/**http%3a//ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/heres-letter-swedish-professor-nominating-160546132.html

Resolved Question: Do you think Charles should pay more taxes on the Duchy of Cornwall income per this news report?

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23310584 The link over is to a BBC news story about MPs holding a hearing into the Duchy of Cornwall's finances. Charles and Camilla's private secretary testified to the committee. Charles pays less of a percentage in taxes than do his servants. Do you think this is fair? And what do you think about the government having to pay for police protection at Camilla's personal home called Ray Mill where she spends time away from Charles?

Voting Question: Isn't it funny how only untalented unintelligent celebrities have disapproved of the verdict?

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/celebrities-furious-george-zimmerman-verdict-163600259.html Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus... Notice no mention of anyone with talent or intelligence. lol lol @ Maurice. Yeah, I've been arguing with them since saturday. lol

Resolved Question: I know 2 prosecutors who can't sleep tonite.... !?

Zimmermans' Lawyer wants the contents of Trayvon Martins' cell phone revealed to the public ... where they will find: 1. Nude photos of below-age girls ( can ya spell "child pornography") ? 2. Photos of clumps of jewelry on his bed ( anyone missing anything) ? 3. A hand holding a semi-automatic pistol ( got a allow for that ? No ? then whose is it and where did it arrive from) ? So... we having fun yet !

Voting Question: What should I do to get a solid understanding of investing/trading/etc...?

I am 16 years old. I know a decent amount of information in finance, as far as a 16 year old is concerned. However, I can't receive enough of this stuff. It's my goal to become a successful investment banker or stock trader when I grow up. I want to learn everything about investing and more. Right now, I am currently on summer vacation, so I have more time in my hands than I know what to do with. What can I do to receive a head start on investing and trading? I'm open to every ideas (reading certain news sites, mock trading, free courses, etc...). And also, any tips from experienced investors or traders are appreciated.

Resolved Question: how do i sign out of yahoo when there is no sign out?

I have home,mail,news,sports,finance,weather,,games,group,answers,flickr more and that is it.

Resolved Question: I have a big situation?

So I posted my car on.craigslist and this company called within a few hrs saying if I wanted to pay $200 to receive my car sold faster . I read the reviews it seems legit now i.owe &17k on my impala.and they said I can receive least $20000 for my car, Soo my question is should ipay the $200 & take the remaining 3k and finance a Tow Truck sick just keep the money frommy tows and finance a 2013 Denali r sum idk what's stopping me but you Know that feeling when you just don't Knorr.....

Resolved Question: CASPIAN88: and all.....Is the United States going to collapse into extreme poverty, or will we get better?

Casian please don't be mad I only did it because I think your super smart and want your input. I know some are better to answer than others. However, due to the US trending issues, are we going to become a third world nation as we look in Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Gambia??.......But for people not doing trades, engineering, medical, technology and computers, or science, the people doing journalism, history, education, construction (their passion) ..........will the economy ever receive better enough so that there will be full time jobs for these people?? What about wages as well? They stagnate, but prices increase like education. How will kids these days afford college in years to arrive? This economist named Gerald Celente has said America is going to fall into extreme poverty in the future due to declining education, lack of good leaders, and income inequality. He said there will be riots, mass starvation and disease, and lots of places like colleges shutting down due to bankruptcies and so many citizens in debt? What are your thoughts on this?

Resolved Question: Who is the bond buyer/seller?

Hi guys, Im doing some finance stuff to a Master project, and wish some of you can help. I have acces to a database where I can look the bond holders (in this case it is corporate bonds), My table contain the following index names: Broker name", Managing firm name, fund portfolio name, trade date, par. Example from my table: Broker name: Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc. Managing firm: BlackRock Advisors LLC Fund/portfolio CareFirst of Maryland Inc (Co-managed) Date 4/10/12 Par: 248 Price: 104,848 My question is, who is the buyer and who is the seller? Can some on explain excatly this trade process? Thank you!

Resolved Question: Why won't Catey Hill tell you about the decline of the middle class of the past 40 years?

With real wages stagnating the past 40 years, "more than 44% of early boomers (who the Employee Benefit Research Institute defines as those born between 1948 and 1954) and 43% of tardy boomers (born between 1955 and 1964) may not be able to afford basic living expenses in retirement, according to a 2012 analysis by EBRI." wealthy baby boomers are the world's most spoiled people on Earth. "Only about half of high-net-worth baby boomers — those with more than $3 million in investable assets — say they consider leaving money to their kids a priority, according to a 2012 U.S. Trust Survey. In contrast, nearly three-quarters of people older than boomers say it’s important to them." Wouldn't it be better to restore the Eisenhower tax rate system where the top income bracket paid 91% on their income? This is ethical unlike eliminating the tax deduction for interest paid on home mortgages, taxing employer health insurance benefits, and increasing the age one qualifies for full Social Security benefits. look http://finance.yahoo.com/news/10-things-baby-boomers-won-114946461.html

Resolved Question: Sell or trade in my car?

My current car is worth about $14,500 on average from dealer listings. However, I still owe 16,300. My payments are super high due to not being able to receive a cosigner and just starting a new job at the time. Should I trade in the car to receive something a lot cheaper to fix my car payments of $400 a month, or should I sell the car and payoff the majority of my loan while borrowing a friends car. The offers i have had on my car so far have been about 9500. Also do I have to pay off the interest? Because my payoff amount from my loan company says 16,300.

Resolved Question: what is a yahoo contributor?

Resolved Question: Las Vegas Plastic Surgeons?

Does anyone know of good plastic surgeon in Las Vegas that offers in home financing regarless of your credit?

Resolved Question: Report shows that most Egyptians oppose Morsi's removal?

http://www.middleeastmonitor.com/news/africa/6543-report-shows-that-most-egyptians-oppose-morsis-removal Not surprised really, I knew that this coup was financed by the Saudi and Gulf monarchies every along. I still remember King abdulshaytan warning Obama not to clip aid money from Hosni Mubarak's regime in February 2011. The Gulf countries were shocked when their slave Mubarak was overthrown. Now when Morsi was overthrown the Saudi murtad so called King was the first to congratulate his kaffir slaves Al Sisi and Mansour. This was then followed by a phone call on last week friday advising his slave Sisi on how to deal with protests against his military dictatorship. Now we have $5 billion from Saudi, $4 billion from Kuwait and $3 billion from the UAE which are coincidentally being donated to Egypt after this foreign sponsered coup. SCAF has tricked liberals and secularists, as well as other Egyptians who were unsatisfied with Morsi to demand a coup. They then exaggerated the number of protesters against Morsi from 6 million to 14-17 million to justify their Saudi sponsered coup. For those of you who supports this military coup: have fun living in a Pakistani style "democracy" where the millitary governs in the interest of foreign powers. @Bazza- You really think Sisi would allow Morsi to win the next elections? Morsi winning the next elections, would mean Sisi's as well as most of SCAF's execution for high treason against a sitting head of state. By the way yesterday's anti coup protests dwarfed most sponsered protests. Next election will be like Pakistan's elections. You will every vote for a military puppet who serves the interests of foreign powers.

Resolved Question: According to liberals, hurricanes are good for the economy because they create rebuilding jobs?


Resolved Question: Why do gas prices jump up every time the media reports a speculative hike?

For example yesterday I heard the on the news, " fill up your tanks, but experts expect prices to rises up to around $3.30 a gallon due to political tension in Egypt. " when that was said my gas buddy app said the cheapest gas around me was $3.14 per gallon. I checked again in 24 hours and every gas price are $3.29 +. How does this happen? Does every gas station fill up on the same day with the higher priced gas?

Voting Question: Pls need help answering these finance sample questions?

Big Blue Granite (BBG) needs to purchase a new saw for creating their top quality countertops. Saw A costs $250,000 with $4,000 of annual maintenance costs for the first year that will increase by 5% each year for the 7-year life of the saw. Saw B costs $150,000 with $10,000 of annual maintenance costs for the first year that will increase by 15% each year for the 4-year life of the saw. Which saw should BBG pick? What is the annualized cost of this choice? Assume a discount rate of 12%, and ignore every taxes. Starbuck's is considering opening another store in Chicago. A store is expected to have a long economic life, but the valuation horizon is 7 years. The store in Chicago is expected to create revenues of $3M in the first year and they are likely to grow at 2% per year thereafter. The cost of goods sold are $1.2M in year 1 and they are also expected to grow at 2% per year thereafter. Selling and administration costs are likely to be $0.5M in the first year and then grow at 5%. The tax rate is 35%. Starbucks is so good at managing its stores that working capital increases can be assumed to be negligible. But Starbucks will have to invest $3.5M in purchasing a store (with land). The good news is that this outlay can be straight line depreciated over 7 years. Also, Starbucks has estimated that the terminal value in year 7 dollars will be $10M. This value is the value of every cash flows in year 8 and beyond. What is the NPV of opening this new store if the appropriate discount rate is 7.75%? A smooth saleperson comes to visit your office with a proposal to sell your firm some new machinery to install in your vacant warehouse building on the property that has no alternative use. The salesperson claims that this technology produces products that should provide you with revenues next year of $7 million with a cost of goods to be $5 million. Both of these are expected to grow at a rate of 15% per year till year 6. Your firm faces a 35% tax rate, a 12% discount rate and you can depreciate your new investment using the straight line method over the six years, at which point the value of the venture moving forward will be $2 million. (This $2 million is the terminal value that is in year 6 dollars and is the PV of every cash flows year 7 and beyond.) The capital expenditure of this project is $6M. What is the NPV of the project? Assume that you have no significant working capital costs. Silver Bear Golf (SBG) is a manufacturer of top quality golf clubs with a specialty of putters. Currently, each putter they sell brings in $200 of revenue at a cost of $150. This past year, they sold 1,000 putters and they expect this number to grow each year by 12% until this model becomes obselete after 10 more years. The foreman at the SBG factory recently brought to your attention a new technology that could lower the cost of production. This technology requires an upfront fixed investment of $100,000 and has the capacity to produce every the putters you want to sell per year at a unit cost of $135. There is no increased working capital need due to this new technology, and no value of the machine/technology after 10 years. What is the NPV of investing in the new technology? Ignore taxes and assume a discount rate of 9%. Last year your firm had revenue of $20 million, cost of goods sold (COGS) of $12 million, Selling, General, & Administration costs (SG&A) of $2 million, Account Receivables (AR) of $6 million, Account Payables (AP) of $4 million and Inventory of $4 million. What will be the free cash flow next/this year if you boost revenue 6% and AR 12%, while holding COGS growth to 3% and everything else remains the same as last year? (Assume no taxes and no new capital expenditures.) The city of Middleville is considering offering public bus service. Setting up the service will cost the city $1.2M (where M stands for million). The useful life of the buses is 25 years. Annual maintenance of the buses would cost $100,000 per year and they would need a major overhaul in year 15 that will cost a total of $700,000. This overhaul is in addition to the annual maintenance. Annual labor and administrative costs will start at $180,000 in year 1 and grow at 2% per year thereafter. The buses will generate a revenue of $150,000 in year 1 and it will grow at 4% per year thereafter. Reduced parking requirements and other benefits generated by the project will keep the city $200,000/year. The salvage value (price the city can receive in the future after maintenance) of the used buses in year 25 is expected to be $300,000. What is the NPV of the bus proposal? The city does not pay taxes and the discount rate is 5%.

Resolved Question: What happened to the Notification Bell on the top of each page?

One used to look a little notification bell at the top of each and every Yahoo page. I have gone to the ALERTS section in help and there is nothing there other than the usual tripe. Yahoo also produces a help section that seems to be no longer valid regarding the understanding of the Notification Bell, color red, and number count. As that is not found on most (it still exists on some Yahoo pages but not the common News, Finance, Sports, Groups, etc..). Is Yahoo driving users away? Yup. At least this one for sure.

Resolved Question: Does it amuse you to hear Tea Party members try to bad-mouth the Obama surplus?

No Republican President in the last 30 years has ever had a budget surplus. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/us-govt-reports-116-5-billion-surplus-june-182622280.html @ MAR - actually taxes are not higher than ever. Taxes are lower now than they were during the Reagan Administration. During most of Reagan's years in the White home the top tax rate was 50%. Now the top tax rate is 39%.

Resolved Question: Would my aunt get jail time for not paying income tax on her business?

So my aunt has this dance school. It's sort of tiny. Not big enough for its possess building or anything. They just Practice in bars(when their not open) and is her home. It's big enough that it has its possess website, and has maybe 150 people in it. But anyway me and everyone in our family believe she does not pay income tax on her business. And she's had if for many many years now. My other 2 aunts also have/had dance schools as well. But they were very tiny only like 30 or 40 people in them each. And I really hate my aunt. And want her to pay for her actions. So how can I find out wether she does or doesn't pay them on her dance school. And how much trouble would she receive in? Thanks @drixnot, my dad(whos a partner at a big banking firm) Said that she makes around 70k. But I think they pay her cash like one a month, or every lesson. So how would the IRS even figure out if its every below the table? Btw I'm below 18 (16) so would the IRS even hear to me/ receive part of a reward? Thanks.- L

Resolved Question: How Cool is it that Under President Obama's Leadership the USA has the largest budget SURPLUS for June?

U.S. Government Posts $116.5 Billion Budget Surplus By Dow Jones Business News, July 11, 2013, 02:35:00 PM EDT WASHINGTON--The U.S. government posted a budget surplus in June after receiving big dividend payments from mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, leaving the federal government on track for its smallest full-year shortfall since 2008. ====>>>>>Revenues outpaced spending by $116.50 billion last month, compared with a $59.74 billion deficit a year earlier, the Treasury Department said Thursday in a monthly report. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones Newswires had forecast a $40.00 billion surplus for the month. Last month's black ink was the biggest June surplus on record--and the first in five years--reflecting a broadly improving fiscal outlook as well as almost $67 billion in payments from the two mortgage finance companies.

Resolved Question: Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy s4?

I have a phone upgrade so I kinda need some help picking out a phone. I'm a 15 year old girl and every I really use my phone for is instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube, pandora, photography and picture editing apps at times, etc... I recently bought an iphone 3gs off ebay for like 50 dollars so I can look if I like ios and the iphone. I used to have the att impulse 4g but it broke, so that's why I bought the 3gs. Anyways, personally after using the 3gs for about 3 to 4 months I found ios to be quite boring and lacking much of the customization I wanted. every you can customize on ios is your wallpaper/lock screen. It made me really miss andriod. I am at this point leaning a bit more towards the galaxy because of the 13 megapixel camera. I also miss the widgets and such. The only thing I really liked about the iphone was how high security it was, the app store, and the emoji keyboard. My 2 aunts and cousin have the galaxy s3 and I've played around with theirs and I've grown fond of the galaxy and it's beautiful screen. My mom has the iphone 4s and to be honest the only thing I like about it is the camera and siri + the stuff mentioned over. Please help me, every of my friends have iphones, and I kinda want to be different by getting a galaxy, but I like the emoji's and siri on the iphone. Oh, and I like how the gs4 has expandable memory for me that is pretty important.

Resolved Question: Does anyone know of a legal firm that is willing to take Radio Rentals to court in Brisbane?

i am writing this on behalf of my fiancee. He was living at Rocklea Qld when the Qld floods happened. At that stage he had every his bedroom furniture and laptop financed through Radio Rentals at the Valley. He evacuated his home a few hours before the flood hit as requested by police and didnt have time to take anything but the clothes on his back and a few blankets. It was a few days before he was able to receive back though to the premises. He lost everything in the floods and was so traumatised that he couldnt even watch the news or look at a newspaper until recently. He has even had to be medicated with Anti-depressants and valium from the event. He advised Radio Rentals in February/March that he had lost everything that they owned in the floods. They told my fiancée that they would investigate it further and receive back to him. Still till this day they have not been to the premises at Rocklea to investigate but instead have added a $4080 debt in his name. My fiancee rang to talk to the manager at the store. The lady was quite rude and constantly spoke over him stating that if he returns the goods then he wouldn't have this debt. She would not hear when being told they were washed away or severely damaged from the flood and that he had no idea where the stuff was. We are trying to find someone who can help resolve this matter as we know the stuff was insured and it was beyond our control what happened. My fiancée is only on a Carers pension as he cares for his mom. We would've rather resolved this than take it to court and sue them for pain and suffering on top but the refuse to hear. He has been refused finance because of this and refused the chance to rebuild his life. I've written to local members, today tonight and a few other places as well. I wish someone can help

Resolved Question: Will Crocs ever go out of business?

Yesterday I came across this article: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/crocs-wants-forget-clogs-223050181.html Baisically we every came to an agreement that the classic clogs crocs makes were fugly. Now that the classic clogs are 11 years old, they are now marketing their shoes that look like shoes. In their summer catalog, the classic clogs are featured in the back. Same thing with their stores. But the classic clogs still account for 47% of their sales. People are still buying their classic clogs in droves. Not just in the US but mostly around the world. As for me, the classic clogs are not that great because I can only wear them in the summer. The croc and however works from Spring to Fall. And their winter boots that are fur lined are great in the winter. But if they did decide to go out of business, I'll probably snag a bunch of pairs since they will probably be worth more than the iPhone 20 in 10 years. And as for shoes I would wear instead, I wear Vans for sneakers. Sure Crics makes sneakers but they look like Vans for kids. Might as well receive the original. As for the sandals, I may have to start buying TOMS. And the boots, I can receive Uggs, something else people think looks ugly. (But why do people who think crocs are ugly have no problem wearing uggs?) but they work! You may think no one is buying crocs but they are so popular that foreign countries like China are making knockoffs! (You thought they just made knockoff handbags and Jordans!) and I will not buy knockoff crocs!

Resolved Question: Why has the SCAF appointed a Mubarak Clone?

An International Banker. Give me a break. He is a Mubarak clone. Hazem El-Beblawi, who serves in Egypt's SCAF government as both finance minister and deputy foreign minister, handed in his resignation on Tuesday in protest over the government's handling of the Sunday massacre, saying that "he can't work like this." Sunday's bloodshed was seen by many activists as a turning point in Egypt's already chaotic transition: the deadliest use of force against protesters by the military, which has touted itself as the "protector of the revolution." Criticism has been mounting that the military, which took power after Mubarak's ouster, has adopted the same tactics as the former regime and has been slow to bring real change. Associated Press. "The military is part of the old regime and was never part of the revolution. We were wrong not to realize that the great national role of the Egyptian military is one thing and the political role of the SCAF is another. The SCAF was not revolutionary and did not oppose [the methods of] the Mubarak regime, not for a single day. It was simply a part of [this regime]."

Resolved Question: Why did 0bama allow the federal deficit to grow by $117 billion just last month?

Sorry, typo. Actually, there was a SURPLUS of $117 billion just last month--the largest monthly surplus since 2008, and the largest June surplus in history. My apologies. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-posts-117-billion-budget-180018328.html

Resolved Question: Is there a limit on yahoo alerts?

My Yahoo Alerts only provide a daily summary of 25 stocks. Is that the maximum listings allowed?

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